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Ozonated Sunflower Oil

Why is Ozonated

Have you received a jar of ozonated oil only to open it and find that it did not seem completely filled? When this happens, it does not necessarily mean you were shorted product. This is a completely normal occurrence and you can rest assured there is a sensible explanation.

The jar isn't filled to the brim with oil, because it would cause spillage when opened. That is to say, like many other products, it is normal for there to be an air pocket at the top. The jars are kept in a walk-in freezer until shipment. Depending on the temperature (and season), the oil will warm and change from that hardened state to a liquid (this does not hinder ozone efficacy; see our blog post for more).

It is not abnormal for this phase shift to occur multiple times during the journey. The boxes are not always oriented in a manner that leaves the jar upright during shipping, and as it liquefies during the shipping process the air pocket will change orientation freely. As the product cools below roughly room temperature, it will solidify, and the air pocket that was originally on the top of the jar can now be in the middle, or on the side, or even “sandwiched” within the cooled product.

As you can see, there's a simple explanation for a simple problem. Should you want to verify this, simply place the jar in some warm water to cause the phase shift to occur. Next, allow the jar to cool to room temperature and then chill the jar upright to allow the air pocket to reposition at the top of the jar while the product solidifies.


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