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Ozonated Sunflower Oil

Why is Ozonated

Sunflower oil has been a part of the cosmetic and medical industries for years. More recently, ozonated sunflower oil has gained popularity among veterinarians for use on pets. It is being used to help animals with skin wounds, poor dental health, and common everyday issues like skin irritation. If you've been looking for an all-natural option for your animals, sunflower is a great choice.


Many people have been able to help their pet’s oral health by using ozonated sunflower oil because it has powerful antibacterial properties and has been shown to promote healing. One of the best ways to use it for your pet’s dental health is to place it on a Q-tip and apply it on any teeth that have plaques to help remove them, as referenced in Tip #2 in Dogs Naturally Magazine.1 Applying it to the gum area can help soothe inflammation and battle germs.

Wound Healing

Ozonated oils have shown to be highly effective in skin wound treatment due to their healing, revitalizing, and antimicrobial properties. When the ozonated oil comes into contact with the injured tissue, hydrogen peroxide and lipoperoxides are created. These by-products are responsible for the consequent destruction of microorganisms, oxidation, and the release of cytokines and growth factors that can stimulate the healing process. In a study comparing the healing time of wounds, one animal was treated with ozonated sunflower oil while the other animal was not. It was determined at the end of the study that the animal that had received the ozonated sunflower oil had its wound heal faster than the animal that did not receive ozonated sunflower oil. This study helped show that the ozonated sunflower oil can support faster healing times for animals.2

Personal Observations

Our webmaster has used ozonated sunflower with several animals. Her dog received a bad scratch on the nose from the house cat. An hour after applying ozonated sunflower oil, the inflammation around the scratch was gone and it healed completely within two days. The cat had a small spot of inflammation around a tooth. After applying the oil to the area three times, the inflammation was reduced and the cat no longer seemed to suffer any issues. When a neighborhood dog ran through a rose bush, ozonated sunflower oil was applied and the scratches healed quickly.

Why Sunflower Oil?

We use a type of organic sunflower oil that is high in Linoleic EFA, making it the second strongest oil we carry. Sunflower is also high in vitamin E, beta-carotene, and Vitamin A. It might be too strong if a pet has extremely sensitive skin, but the majority of animals do very well.

If you want to add a natural and effective option to your first aid kit for pets, you can't go wrong by considering ozonated sunflower oil.

Featured Testimonials

From Ann: "We use this product for a benign cyst our 14-year-old beagle has on his backside. Most vets recommend surgery, which can leave an animal incontinent. The Sunflower oil keeps the cyst from getting inflamed and works great. My husband, a big doubter, even used the product on a cut on his skin and was surprised at how well it worked at healing."

From Kaylah: "Sunflower oil skin rescue remedy is wonderful. My dog had some hair loss on her tail. This product helped immensely."

From Jessica: "Used this on my dog's puncture wound, healed in 4 days! This stuff is amazing! I’m so happy I was recommended this product by my holistic vet."

From LadyDobermann: "I purchased this product for my son's old cocker mix boy. His teeth were horrible in dark color, breath was not pleasant and gums red with inflammation. After 2 weeks of using the O3 Organic Sunflower Oil I'm happy to say his teeth are turning white, no more horrid breath and the inflammation is letting up. Very happy that this product is Helping this 11 yr old dog!"


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